Temperature Scanner Kiosk Stands

Easy mounting

 to any

Thermal Temper scanner

tablet device.

Thermal temperature scanner stands will safely, and securely mount your device. 

Easy to use:

  • Assembled unit stand is 48.25" tall, has a 15" diameter base.
  • Custom colors are available as well as custom cutouts, decals etc.
  • Easy shipping
  • Call for more details!

Our tablet device stands are functional, support your power sources, and make mounting your scanning device seamless to ensure your temperature scanning kiosk is operational and effective.

Temperature scanning kiosks offer easy set up to safely scan in any public place.  Perfect for : 
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Care Centers
  • Government Buildings
  • Travel Hubs
  • Event Venues
  • Apartment Entryways
  • Hotels
  • Medical Facilities
  • and more!


Thermal Scanner Stand


Still need a scanner?

Wall Mounted, Desktop,
or vertical stand mounted

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